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Climate Justice Now!
| A Growing Political CANcer? |
At Bali numerous researchers and investigators from Germany's Axel Michaelowa to
Walden Bello to Larry Lohmann and beyond have made the case that the UNFCCC's Clean Development Mechanism or CDM has not only failed but is harming communities and fostering underdevelopment in the developing world; thereby directly contravening its mission: "to assist the developing country host Parties in achieving sustainable development and in contributing to the ultimate objective of the Convention."

As the Climate Action Network or CAN increasingly becomes a rest-stop for NGO-reps en route to climate market finance and consulting jobs, the Network is now backing a proposal of piecemeal CDM reforms. See the full memo: "CAN CDM Position Paper for COP13/ COPMOP3, Bali 2007"

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