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Climate Justice Now!
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The first issue (.pdf) of Alter-Eco is out!

Alter-Eco is published by a group of non-governmental organizations, indigenous peoples' organizations and social movements at the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP-13. The groups came together to make a unified call in support of real solutions to climate change and against the false market-based solutions to climate change that are being implemented under the Kyoto Protocol.

Alter-Eco is an instrument to project the collective voices of groups reflecting the views and concerns of grassroots constituencies and impacted communities all over the world.

Submit an article, event, photo or graphic to Alter-Eco, please email globalecology [at] gmavt.net.

Organizations contributing to the first issue includee: Global Justice Ecology Project, Global Forest Coalition, Carbon Trade Watch, Transnational Institute, FERN, CORE (Center for Organizational Research and Education), The Corner House. Alter-Eco does not necessarily reflect the views of all of the participating organizations or contributors to Alter-Eco.

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The first issue profiles the struggle of recently deceased activist: Sajida Khan (r). Download the first issue (link) to learn if the World Bank is guilty of culpable homicide.

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