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Climate Justice Now!

Please find the link to our latest collective book effort, just published jointly in South Africa and The Netherlands by University of KwaZulu Natal Press and the TransNational Institute (TNI), respectively, titled:

Trouble in the Air: Global Warming and the Privatized Atmosphere.

While the text is focused on South Africa and some of the havoc carbon trading is bringing there, it is still very relevant for all those that continue to hold faith in market solutions, trading or otherwise, to the climate crisis.

The overall book was pulled together by a host of comrades around the world (many of whom are in Montreal) led brillantly by Patrick Bond and Rehana Dada at the Centre for Civil Society at the University of KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.

The first piece will be especially relevant to scholars and NGO representatives, inter alia, who are still pushing Kyoto and the trading regime/scheme.

I think the piece will give everyone a great deal more to think about in terms of the challenges we face and what is really needed, far beyond the rather, dare I say, pithy demand of "USA Join the World" and other pro-Kyoto/pro-carbon trading suggestions.

I welcome your comments--positive and negative.

Please share the pdf as you deem necessary--especially with other colleagues on the road to Montreal.

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