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Climate Justice Now!
| Laugh along with Odin Knudsen! |
Odin Knudsen of World Bank Carbon Finance spoke to an audience of about 200 mostly businesspeople at the Bank's and the International Emissions Trading Association's side event on 5 December 2005 at the climate negotiations in Montreal.

Some snippets:

On how the World Bank is helping "catalyze" the global carbon market:

"This [construction of the carbon market] is a political process. Of course, the World Bank is not political." (Laughter.) "Or not too political, I should say, heh heh." (Complicit snickers.)

On his pleasure in the positive reaction of many NGOs to the carbon market:

“Corporations, NGOs, and governments are all working together to do something – to make the planet a better planet and to make lives better for future generations. So corporations, NGOs and governments and others should all give ourselves a big hand of applause for being here in

On hopes that "technology" is going to be "transferred" to Africa through carbon schemes:

"Many African projects are going to be revolving around trees."

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