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Climate Justice Now!
| Climate Justice radio interviews |

Interviews with several climate justice folks in Montreal ran on the WPFW-FM program, Earthbeat, this morning, and are now available individually through the Sustainable Energy and Economy Network website. Go to Radio SEEN -- http://www.seen.org/pages/audio.shtml -- and click and link away. Interviews include:

  • Clayton Thomas - Muller (Cree Nation, Canada; Indigenous Environmental Network's Oil Campaign Coordinator). Click here to listen to part one and part two.
  • Fabian Pacheco (Oilwatch Costa Rica). Click here to listen.
  • Larry Lohmann (The Corner House, UK). Click here to listen.
  • Michael Gale (SustainUS). Click here to listen.

  • Further interviews will become available at seen.org and this climate justice blog over the next two weeks.

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