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Climate Justice Now!
| Pro-GMO Tree Decision of UNFCCC Condemned |
For Immediate Release, 14 December, 2004
Contact: Ana Fillipini, World Rainforest Movement, 15-5413-6233
Anne Petermann, Global Justice Ecology Project, 15-4031-5151

Environmental and Social Justice Groups Condemn
Pro-GMO tree decision of UNFCCC

World Rainforest Movement (Uruguay), Friends of the Earth International, Global Justice Ecology Project (USA), a Mapuche scientist from Chile and the Union of Ecoforestry (Finland) gave a presentation yesterday at the Salon del Jardin Botanico in Buenos Aires Argentina where they condemned the 12/03 decision of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change to allow use of genetically engineered (GMO) trees in carbon offset forestry projects developed to supposedly mitigate global warming emissions.

"GMO trees present tremendous risks to both native forests and forest-dwelling peoples-especially indigenous peoples," said Ricardo Carrere of the World Rainforest Movement. "They will worsen the already severe impacts experienced by communities and ecosystems as a result of industrial tree plantations-impacts like loss of water, biodiversity, and traditional medicines and foods," he continued.

The UNFCCC made the decision in 2003 very late in the meeting, with no discussion about the negative impacts of GMO trees. "We are here to say that GMO trees are unacceptable in any context-this includes carbon offset forestry," stated Anne Petermann of Global Justice Ecology Project." The impacts of GMO trees will undoubtably result in devastation of native forests around the world, worsening global warming, rather than mitigating it. Not only must GMO trees be removed from the Kyoto Protocol, they need to be banned globally," she continued.

At the event, World Rainforest Movement and Friends of the Earth International released a new major report on GMO trees, entitled, "Genetically Modified Trees: The Ultimate Threat to Forests," written by Chris Lang and available in English and Spanish. In addition, Global Justice Ecology Project announced the upcoming release of a video on GMO trees entitled, "The Silent Forest: The Growing Threat of Genetically Engineered Trees," which will also be available in English and Spanish beginning in January, 2005. The video will be narrated by Dr. David Suzuki, a world-renowned geneticist who once ran the largest genetics laboratory in Canada.

There will also be a press conference denouncing the U.N.'s 2003 decision to include GMO trees in the Kyoto Protocol on Wed., December 15 at 11:00am at the La Rural Conference Center in the Aguaribay Room. The report will be presented and given to press, a promotional clip from the video will be shown and an international petition demanding a UN ban on GMO trees presented.

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