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Climate Justice Now!
| Indigenous People's Express Concerns over Lack of Support |
ECO Volume CX
Issue 07
NGO Newsletter
CoP-10, Buenos Aires, Argentina
December 2004
Wealth Issue
Table of Contents
1. Saudi Arabia ­ A Poor Developing Country?
2. Arctic Under Attack
3. Seminars Should be Based on Both Kyoto Protocol and Convention
4. Indigenous Peoples Express Concerns Over Lack of Support
5. Diego

4. Indigenous Peoples Express Concerns Over Lack of Support
Indigenous peoples’ representatives at COP 10 have expressed concern
over lack of support for Indigenous participation, particularly given
the level of threat posed by climate change to them.
Since COP 4, Indigenous Peoples have participated in the United Nations
Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) meetings expressing
concern that climate change poses an immediate danger to the
continuation of their way of life from the regions of the tropical
forests, to the Arctic polar-regions and the tribal small island
communities threatened with becoming submerged by rising oceans and the
salination of their water supplies.
UNFCCC COP and Subsidiary Bodies meetings are occurring without adequate
participation of Indigenous Peoples or their representatives in
contravention of international precedents such as the Draft Declaration
on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Convention on Biodiversity,
and instruments of the United Nations including the Sustainable
Development Commission. These declarations, agendas, conventions and
instruments establish the right to consultation and participation of
Indigenous Peoples in the drafting and approval of international or
national measures that have impact on Indigenous Peoples.
During COP9, representatives of the Indigenous Peoples Caucus (IPC) did
an intervention in full plenary requesting of the governments and the
Secretariat that the Convention recognize the fundamental role of
Indigenous Peoples in addressing climate change; that the Convention
consider the creation of an Inter-Sessional Ad-Hoc Working Group on
Indigenous Peoples; and include Indigenous Peoples and climate change as
items in the agenda of the COP and the Subsidiary Bodies with specific
reference to vulnerability, adaptation, poverty and other climate change
related issues.
One year has gone by with no action. Even though there are many issues
on the table concerning the provisional agenda items, Indigenous Peoples
Caucus of COP10 have prioritised the need to seek resolution of this
issue of seeking support from the Convention for future Indigenous
Indigenous Peoples believe in a constructive and participative dialogue
and urge the Parties of the UNFCCC to consider their request for equal
participation in the COPs.

• Nithi Nesadurai & Sander Wijsman
Web Edition & Electronic Distribution:
• Karim Harris & Matthias Duwe
ECO can be contacted at ecopaper@hotmail.com
ECO website : http://www.climatenetwork.org/eco/
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